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Need A Gents or Ladies Night Show?

Who else wants a night full of fun, excitement and laughs? That's what you’ll get if you book one of our Gents or Ladies Night shows. Featuring a professional Comedian or Drag Artiste and Strippers, with the option of having Topless Waiters or Waitresses, these shows are designed for pubs, clubs and sports clubs looking to put on a Gentleman's Evening or Ladies Night, but can also be booked by smaller venues or private parties (they're great for larger Stag and Hen parties for example).

Very competitively priced and affordable to most sized venues or parties, we only provide the best Drag Artistes, Comedians and strippers from around the UK, meaning you get a top-notch show but for much less money than some of the self-proclaimed 'World Famous' shows advertising on the web.

We can tailor your show to your specific requirements, but a standard show will have a 2 hour total duration (including a 30 minute interval) with two 30 min spots by the comedy performer (the Drag Queen or Comedian) and a 15 minute spot from each of the strippers (usually 2 strippers). If you also want to add in some Topless Waitresses/Waiters to meet and greet and serve drinks and/or food, that's not a problem.

These shows will really help make your night a success, will create a buzz around your event and have your guests/punters talking about when the next one is coming!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a show cost?

That really depends on what you want, but here are some example packages as a guide only:

Standard Package (from £450)

  • 2 Hour Evening Show (incl. 30 min interval)
  • 2 Male or Female Strippers with 15min set by each Stripper
  • Drag Queen or Comedian as Compere for 2x30min sets

Package 2 (from £700)

  • 2.5 Hour Evening Show (incl. 30 min interval)
  • 4 Male or Female Strippers with 15min set by each Stripper
  • Drag Queen or Comedian as Compere for 2x30min sets

Package 3 (from £900)

  • 2.5 Hour Evening Show (incl. 30 min interval)
  • 4 Male or Female Strippers with 15min set by each Stripper
  • Drag Queen or Comedian as Compere for 2x30min sets
  • 2 Topless Waiting staff to greet and serve your guests

What facilities do I need to provide for the show?

You will need a stage or other similar sized area for the acts to perform. You will also need to provide a sound system (the performers will bring their own music). The performers will also need a dressing room or private area for them to prepare and get changed etc, and the use of a toilet or bathroom (please try and avoid putting them in a toilet as their dressing room though!).

What preparations do I need to make?

That's upto you. You will need to let your waiter/waitress know in advance what is expected of them (they will call you before the event), so that they can ensure they are prepared for you!

Can I choose specific performers I would like?

You can request specific types of performers (e.g. I would like a Drag Queen and 1 black stripper/1 white stripper etc), but unless we promise you individual acts, we will create your show using acts that are all available at the time of your event. As all of our acts are top-quality, professional and seasoned artistes, you really needn't worry about who we send. As mentioned, if you require specific types of performer, we will always let you know in advance who we have available, so that you can view their profiles and ensure you are happy to continue your booking. Obviously, if you do request a performer by name and they are available, we will send them.

How do I book and pay?

Our booking and payment system is easy peasy. Contact us with details of your event, using our online contact form or freephone number. We will then send you a no obligation quote and a link to our online booking form. If you are happy with the quote and wish to book, you then complete the online booking form and make payment of a Booking Fee online via Paypal or Debit/Credit card. The whole process is quick, easy and secure and takes less than 5 minutes. The outstanding fees are then paid to the performers, in cash, on their arrival at your event.

What happens if I need to change or cancel my booking?

If you provide us at least 48hrs notice (obviously excluding same day bookings) we can re-arrange your booking for a different date or time.

If you wish to cancel your booking entirely, unfortunately your Booking Fee is non-refundable. However, we will carry it over to a new booking, should you wish to book at a later stage.

Areas We Cover

Our Gents/Ladies night shows are available for most of the UK, including: London, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Gloucester, Plymouth, Swindon, Bournemouth, Brighton, Guildford, Kent, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Cambridge, Essex, Ipswich, Luton, Norwich, Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Surrey, Sunderland, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Cardiff, Swansea, Belfast, Cork, Dublin.